Marisa Mercurio (she/they) is a Michigan-based writer and scholar. As a PhD candidate, she studies intersections of gender, sexuality, and empire in nineteenth century British literature; female detective fiction; and the Gothic. Marisa is also the co-creator and co-host of the However Improbable podcast, a Sherlock Holmes book club that narrates and discusses the great detective.

When she’s not researching dashing women solving mysteries for her PhD, Marisa is a jack-of-all-trades artist with a penchant for gardening, hiking, and horror.


Marisa is a PhD student in the English department at Michigan State University. There, her research seeks to uncover the trajectory of female detective fiction from its roots in the Gothic through its fin de siècle boom. With a particular emphasis on queerness and empire, she hopes to illuminate the knotty constructions of Victorian identity we are still bound by today. She currently works at the Michigan State University Press as an editorial assistant.

In addition to creative writing, Marisa has recently written editorials and book reviews for Journal of Victorian Culture Online, World Literature Today, and Sublime Horror. Her writing focuses primarily on queerness, horror, and the Gothic. She also collects children’s weird horror fiction from the 1990s, particularly The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids and Goosebumps.


To get in touch, fill out a form on the contact page. You can also find Marisa at Twitter @marmercurio, her art on Instagram @mar.mercurio, and what she’s reading on Goodreads.